Michael A. Golub
Chief of Department


Joseph F. Fraccalvieri
1st Assistant Chief

Matthew B. Arundale
2nd Assistant Chief


James Miga
3rd Assistant Chief



Company and Squad Officers


Hook And Ladder Company No. 1

Captain: Jon Zocchia

1st Lieutenant: Lenny Mormino

2nd Lieutenant: Kerry Carlock


Phoenix Hose Company No. 1

Captain: Ryan Reynolds

Lieutenant: Anthony McNally


Sumpwams Hose Company No. 2

Captain: Justin McGinn

Lieutenant: James Meurlin


Argyle Hose Company No. 3

Captain: Robert Fredericks

Lieutenant: James Slack


Electric Hose Company No. 4

Captain: Michael McCarthy

Lieutenant: Sean McLaughlin


Fire Patrol Company No. 1

Captain: Richard Nixon

Lieutenant: Alexander Weber


Rescue Squad

Captain: Joseph F. Jones

Lieutenant: Frederick Hess


Marine Unit

Captain: Paul Twardy

Lieutenant: Anthony Cardali


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