Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Committee is made up of two delegates from each company and the Rescue Squad.  The purpose of the committee is to provide fire safety education for the community, which is accomplished in the following ways:

Firehouse tours to familiarize the community with our operations, our members, and to learn fire safety on a “one-on-one” basis.


Fire Prevention Day at the schools is done during Fire Prevention Week annually at the Grade & Elementary Schools. The students get fire safety education, meet us, see fire apparatus, and also fire safety demonstrations.Our puppet friends, “Boots,” “Fire Marshal Smoke Billows,” and “Dodo Bird” are always glad to come along on our visit to the Elementary School to help us with the fire safety lesson.

Open House held annually on a Sunday in October and showcases us, our facilities, and our equipment to the community. The public gets to see, hear, and experience fire safety demonstrations in a “hands-on” format.

The Fire Prevention Committee will also go off premises on request to do custom fire safety presentations for specific groups.  We have done presentations at the library, churches, senior citizen groups, pre-k classes, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, special needs groups, and others.

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