Argyle Hose Company No. 3



The Argyle Hose Company No. 3 was organized on February 4, 1899, by fourteen charter members.  The charter members were: E. Albin, W. Biggs, A. Davis, E. Davis, E. Day, J. Grohs, N. Grohs, W. Holbrook, P. Jommes, L. Miller, E. Pearsall, W. Smith and E. Taylor.

The first meeting place was the Argyle Hotel stables located on the north side of Argyle Lake on Trolley Line Road, and was shortly shifted to the Argyle Hotel water tower.  On September 15, 1900, the company borrowed $250 from William Smith for three years at 6 percent interest to purchase the property on corner of Little East Neck Road and Highland Place.  The original building there belonged to the old South Shore Club.  This building and property became the new headquarters of the Argyle Hose Company.

In 1923, room grew short and expansion became necessary.  The company increased the mortgage on the house and it was enlarged.  A series of box socials and dances were held to raise money to pay back the mortgage.  Profits were generally small on these events.  As a matter of fact, on May 29, 1902, a dance was held as a fund raiser, refreshments were 5 quarts of ice cream, and the total profit was $1.60.  Finally, in 1925, enough money had been raised and the mortgage was paid off, the house officially belonged to the Argyle Hose Company.

The house is still owned and maintained by the Argyle Hose Company today and houses the latest of 5 pieces of equipment the company has had over the years.  The first apparatus was a two-wheel cart built by A.J. Weeks.  The company later modernized in 1905 to a four-wheel horse-drawn rig.  Eventually horsepower was replaced by gas power, and the company received a Brockway motorized fire truck.  In 1931, the company received a super modern American LaFrance 750 gallon per minute pumper.  This at the time was the pride of the department, being one of the largest pumpers around.  It faithfully served the company and community until February of 1959 when the company received a Mack B-95 1000 G.P.M.pumper at a cost of $23,000.

Today the company operates a 1993 Pierce Lance 1500 GPM pumper with a six man cab.

Notable Accomplishments.....

On February 1, 1935, a major fire raced through the entire corner of Main Street and Deer Park Ave.  During World War II, the Argyle Hose Company lost several key members to military service.  During this time the Argyle Hose Company maintained its firefighting duties as well as Civil Defense Duties.  Because of their “Patriotic Duty” during this period of National Emergency, the Company was awarded a Certificate of Merit from the Suffolk County War Council.  After the war, the Company added to its roster a total of 30 men.  Also, thankfully, all of our military members returned home safely.

On August 4, 1952, the Company received its Certificate of Incorporation from New York State.

On May 11, 1974, the Argyle Hose Company #3 celebrated its 75th Anniversary with a Cocktail Party/Prime Rib Dinner which was held at Headquarters.  Members and guests in attendance were given "Fireman’s Prayer" plaques.

In August of 1988, members of the Company and the Fire Department Drill Team took the 1959 Mack to a tournament held by Westhampton Beach Fire Dept.  The truck took 1st place trophies in "Motor Hose 'A'" and "Midnight Alarm" and a 2nd place trophy in "Motor Pump 'A,'" showing that the truck still had "legs."

The Argyle Hose Company celebrated it's 100th Anniversary in 1999.