Phoenix Hose Company No. 1



On May 29, 1882, thirteen dedicated volunteers placed a two-wheel hand cart carrying 450 of fire hose into service.  This was done in response to an urgent request of Fire Chief Joseph Cummins so that water could be supplied to the Department's Hook & Ladder Company.

The name “Phoenix Hose Company No. 1” was chosen because of the tremendous support given by a local resident, Phoenix Remsen.  Within the first year, the company dubbed “The Silk Socks” had the distinction of being the “crack” fire company of the south shore.

On February 19, 1887, the hose capacity of the company was nearly doubled to 850 feet, creating a need for a four-wheel cart which was eventually acquired on December 31, 1888.  Shortly after the turn of the century, the 4-wheeler was replaced with a used horse-drawn wagon purchased from the Larchmont Fire Department.  Cumbersome and unwieldy, this vehicle was replaced in November 1916 by a Brockway Auto Cart.   

In 1930 the “Pride of the Company,” a new American La France Model 92 fire engine was purchased.  This unit faithfully served the community well until 1960 when it was replaced by a Mack 750 GPM pumper.  Once decommissioned, the company purchased the 1930 fire engine and the members have since maintained, repaired, and proudly displayed it at all parades and other village affairs (unit 1-2-6A.)

In May 1962, an old truck committee was formed by Lieutenant Robert O’Shea, Norman Aripotch, and Sid Siegel.  In June of 1973, 1-2-6A won first place at the Terryville Antique muster.

In November 1982, The Phoenix Hose celebrated its 100th Anniversary at LaGrange. The entire Fire Department was invited.

In May 1987, a new Pierce Lance 1250 GPM pumper was delivered culminating over a year of work by the truck committee. The pumper was taken out of service in August 2022.

In August 2022 the Pierce Lance 1250 GPM faithfully served the community well until 2022 when it was replaced by a brand new 2022 E-One Typhoon 1250 GPM pumper.