Fund Drive





Dear Babylon Village residents and friends,

          Thank you for supporting our 2023 Fund Drive.  We appreciate your donation and look forward to your support in the future.  Your donation pays for operating expenses not covered by tax dollars, some of which are outlined below.
          Throughout the year, the Fire Prevention Committee informs our community on the importance of fire prevention.  The committee visits the public schools and also gives tours of the firehouse to multiple community organizations and is available for any group that would like to take a tour.  If your group is interested in a tour, please contact our chief’s office. 
          The Department's Recruitment Committee reaches out to our residents and high school students by explaining the importance of who we are and what we do.  They explain the process of becoming a member and what is expected of them as members of the Babylon Fire Department.
          The Department’s History Committee, among other things, recalls the past and records the present.  They also set up exhibitions at the Babylon Village Library and Livingston Center.  Since 2010 the Department has been represented with other Town of Babylon fire departments at the Old Town Hall Museum.  The museum is located at 47 West Main Street, Babylon.  The committee takes a great deal of pride in putting all this information together and presenting it our residents.
          If you would like to make your donation using a credit card, you may use the PayPal button located at the top of our website.
          All members of the Department are volunteers and are very proud to serve the community.  We have been about pride and tradition since 1881.  The Babylon Fire Department works very hard to keep our residents and businesses safe from harm.  When you need us, we will be there.  Our members are always training to keep current on all aspects of firefighting and EMS operations.  We do this as volunteers.
The Fund Drive Committee