Radio Information


Babylon Fire Department Radio Identifiers

1-2-0: Headquarters Base Radio

1-2-1: Engine (Argyle Hose Co.)

1-2-2: Pickup Truck (Utility)

1-2-2A: Sumpwams Hose Antique Apparatus

1-2-3: Engine (Sumpwams Hose Co.)

1-2-4: Beach Engine (Electric Hose Co.)

1-2-5: Engine (Electric Hose Co.)

1-2-6: Engine (Phoenix Hose Co.)

1-2-6A: Phoenix Hose Antique Apparatus

1-2-7: Heavy Rescue (Fire Patrol Co.)

1-2-8: Tower Ladder (Hook & Ladder Co.)

1-2-9: Passenger Van (Utility)

1-2-10: Ambulance (Rescue Squad)

1-2-11: Passenger Van (Utility)

1-2-12: Fire/Rescue Boat (Marine Unit)

1-2-14: High Water Rescue Vehicle

1-2-17: EMS Bicycle (Rescue Squad)

1-2-18: EMS Bicycle (Rescue Squad)

1-2-30: Chief of Department

1-2-31: 1st Assistant Chief

1-2-32: 2nd Assistant Chief

1-2-33: 3rd Assistant Chief

1-2-51: Argyle Hose Captain

1-2-53: Sumpwams Hose Captain

1-2-55: Electric Hose Captain

1-2-56: Phoenix Hose Captain

1-2-57: Fire Patrol Captain

1-2-58: Hook & Ladder Captain

1-2-61: Argyle Hose Lieutenant

1-2-63: Sumpwams Hose 1st Lieutenant

1-2-65: Electric Hose 1st Lieutenant

1-2-66: Phoenix Hose Lieutenant

1-2-67: Fire Patrol Lieutenant

1-2-68: Hook & Ladder 1st Lieutenant

1-2-73: Sumpwams Hose 2nd Lieutenant

1-2-75: Electric Hose 2nd Lieutenant

1-2-78: Hook & Ladder 2nd Lieutenant

1-2-80: First Responder (Rescue Squad)

1-2-8x: Advanced Life Support Provider


Town of Babylon/Misc. Radio Identifiers

1-0-0: Dispatcher (Babylon Central Fire Alarm)

1-0-x: Town of Babylon Fire Coordinators

1-0-4x: Town of Babylon Fire Marshals

1-1-x: Amityville Fire Department

1-2-x: Babylon Fire Department

1-3-x: Copiague Fire Department

1-4-x: Deer Park Fire Department

1-5-x: East Farmingdale Volunteer Fire Company

1-6-x: Lindenhurst Fire Department

1-7-x: North Amityville Fire Company

1-8-x: North Babylon Fire Company

1-9-x: West Babylon Fire Department

1-10-x: Wyandanch Fire Company

1-11-x: North Lindenhurst Fire Department

1-20-x: Wyandanch-Wheatley Heights Ambulance Corp.

1-22-x: Republic Airport ARFF

3-17-x: West Islip Fire Department

FC-x: Suffolk County Fire Coordinators


Radio Frequencies

472.3000 MHz (PL 88.5): Town of Babylon UHF East *Primary - used for truck to truck and EMS*

472.3750 MHz (PL 94.8): Town of Babylon UHF West

475.1250 MHz: Town of Babylon UHF Fireground *Operations*

46.34 MHz: Town of Babylon F-1 *Secondary*

46.38 MHz: Town of Babylon F-3

46.46 MHz: Countywide Dispatch

472.1250 MHz (PL 77.0): Town of Babylon UHF Dispatch


The above is a list of frequencies that we operate on.  A full list of all Town of Babylon/Suffolk County frequencies can be found HERE